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If you are looking for a used car, you might find it really helpful to look into the vehicle as much as possible. Impulse buys are the enemy of the used car buyer, which is the reason that companies like K & W Auto work to help educate people looking at used vehicles. Fortunately, thanks to today's wide amount of Internet information, you can look into the history of a used vehicle like never before.

Vehicle history reports can be obtained from a range of places today, with Carfax, Experian, and AutoCheck being some of the better known ones. These companies provide about 88 percent of Department of Motor Vehicles information. This means that you can usually find out about whether or not the vehicle has ever been wrecked or totaled out. The main piece of information that is used in the search of the used vehicle is the Vehicle Identification Number (the VIN), which should be available to you when you are considering any used vehicle.

K &W recommends that used car buyers get the VIN of any car that is under consideration as soon as possible. Further, you might also want to speak to your used car dealership about providing you with a vehicle history report free of charge. You can make it a condition of your purchase of the car, explaining to the used car dealer that "I'm interested in this vehicle and I would like to buy it, but only if I get a vehicle history report that says it has a clean history."

Your vehicle history report will let you know if the vehicle is a "branded one." This means that if the car was declared a loss by any insurance company (also known as totaled out,) if it has ever sustained damages from flooding, or if the vehicle was involved in some other major event that caused significant damages. Your vehicle history report will also sometimes give you at least partial service records of the vehicle. This will allow you to see the mileage that was recorded for the car at each service appointment, thus you can tell if the odometer has been tinkered with at all.

Some vehicle history reports might assign a score to the vehicle, which is basically meant to convey how viable the vehicle is. This score is typically one similar to a credit score in the fact that the higher the score, the better. If you combine your vehicle history report with some other great tips from a site l