Carib Patties

Food and Parties in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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At Carib Patties, we have a love for food, a passion for culture, and a misson to bring good food and a bright smile to the faces of everyone who walks through our doors. From the crack of dawn to when the sun goes to sleep, we are busy ensuring that when you call on us we are ready to serve you.

The Best Cafe & Restaurant. in Michigan. Our main product are Jamaican Patties however, we supply beef, chicken, and vegetable patties. On special order, we can supply jerk chicken, cheese, curry chicken, and callaloo and salt fish patties.

We are honored to serve you a special day, great in your life such as birthday parties, weddings, conferences or meeting friends. If the size of the party, the event over 15 wheels, please let us know soon or visit Our Website at Carib Patties.