Carina Tien


Dear sisters,

Thank you for visiting my site.

I believe everyone in this world has a Calling. They are called upon the universe to perform a certain role, to inspire someone and to help someone. Life Coaching is my Calling. I feel very blessed that my Calling aligns with my profession - Coaching.

As a Life Coach, my specialty is on guiding and supporting women through many transitions of their life and enabling them to become the woman they were truly meant to be. Having lived, survived and in fact, thrived through many transitions myself, I understand first-hand the many challenges women encounter in both their personal and professional lives. My ultimate goal is to guide women to discover and be who they truly are, rather than whom they think they should be or who others want them to be.

I have always been a life coach of myself. I had lost my jobs and failed in my marriage. I practiced and am still practicing positive self-talks to keep myself motivated. I had fallen and I had stood up. I had made mistakes and learned from them. I thank God for the people that have walked through my life, leaving behind what I called "bitter-sweet" experiences. It was through all these "bitter-sweet" experiences that I have successfully found my life purpose. I know what makes me happy. What makes me happy? - Helping others to find their happiness 0f course!

It will be my honour to be your life compass, re-navigates your life direction, help you find your life goals and guide you along to achieve your dreams.

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