Carl Bärstad

Hi there!
I'm a passionate engineer, entrepreneur and dreamer with an intense desire to change the world for the better. I run all my projects through my company Sparkling Science. My current projects are Kids Hack Day, Hackerspace In A Box and Quirkbot.I envision a society built on curiosity, creative freedom and the willingness to help others.

I wrote my master thesis on "Communicating Science", interviewing dozens of researchers I saw a problem on how science was communicated and taught at universities. Combining this with a newly found passion for the maker movement I decided to make it my calling to inspire more kids into science through curiosity-fueled exploration of technology and the creative process of making.

I'm also the initiator and licensee holder of TEDxStockholm, a fanatic TED-fan, passionate about open science, scientific literacy and science communication. You can find out more about my interests within these areas by reading my master thesis and "book".

Enjoy and thx for taking the time to read about me!

Communicating Science - Motives and Methods for the communication of Science in the 21st century" - Book-format - PDF-format