Carla Mays

Researcher in San Francisco

Greetings, I'm the cofounder & Head of Global Research at the #SmartCohort Project. #SmartCohort was founded in 2016 at Singularity when I was an inaugural Global Impact Scholar addressing research and public administration knowledge and implementation gaps in digital equity, smart systems, governance, finance and curbing "Western Dystopia Affect" in North American Smart Cities.

David Capelli and I met as delegates to Victor Hwang's T2 Ventures 2015 Global Innovation Summit in San Jose sponsored by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Canada and the Obama Administration. We developed the #SmartCohort Project during 2016 #StartUpFest in Montreal, and launched our 1st City #SmartMiami in Spring of 2017. Since we have launched cohorts and done original research in the State of Hawaii, Miami-Dade County, San Francisco Bay Area, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, Vancouver, Toronto, Singapore, London, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


2018 Global Climate Action Summit Delegate

California Assembly & State Senate Recognition

Miami-Dade County Proclamation for 2019 Transportation Camp Florida

My research and personal interest are in smart cities, transportation, and disaster resilience focused on digital equity and Singapore.

  • Work
    • #SmartCohort Project
  • Education
    • UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business
    • Harvard School of Design - Future Cities Program
    • London School of Economics - Global Cities Program