Carl Freer

A native of Sweden, Carl Freer possesses nearly a decade of experience in developing major consumer technologies across Europe and in the United States. Early in the 2000s, Freer established himself as the Chairman of Tiger Telematics, Inc., the company that produced and manufactured the Gizmondo handheld gaming system. This business venture led Carl Freer to join The Media Power Group, where his career expanded into the field of mobile augmented reality technology. One of his main contributions to the company was through the Magitech enterprise, which developed an assortment of mobile applications and video games. As a creative force for the corporation, Freer obtained several U.S. patents for his original work, including the pioneering of a new method for distributing highly targeted advertisements via mobile platforms. Carl Freer combined his industry experience and ground-breaking technologies to form GetFugu Inc. in 2009. Through augmented reality links, GetFugu’s software utilizes the smart phone’s camera to match corporation logos and deliver targeted web results. Freer integrated voice-activated technology into the application as well, allowing users to navigate to a company website by saying a product’s name. In order to achieve the greatest functionality for GetFugu, Carl Freer incorporated a feature to help users navigate cities and even particular buildings. The application comes with an optional coupon function as well. This extreme versatility inspired the application’s slogan, “See It, Say It, Get It.” Carl Freer originally designed GetFugu for use with the Apple iPhone, but the app is now compatible with Android and BlackBerry as well. Versions for J2ME, Symbian, and Windows Mobile should be available soon.