Carlo Dellaverson

Coordinator and Musician in New York, New York

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Carlo Dellaverson is a reputable personality in the music industry with a wealth of experience as a coordinator. He has won several accolades for his ability to manage complex projects and attention to detail, making him an asset to many prominent personalities throughout his career. Carlo is based in New York, where his hard work and dedication have landed him gigs with several high-profile music events. As a rock and roll coordinator, Carlo has cemented his reputation as the glue that holds a music outfit together. Away from the spotlight, he goes above and beyond to make live events come together seamlessly. He ensures that the stage crew has access to the tools they need to perform their specific functions while managing logistics and ensuring everything works according to plan. What sets Carlo apart in his role is his ability to think on his feet and solve problems quickly. He is one step ahead of any situation, ensuring everyone understands their roles and the whole team stays in sync. Carlo enjoys his role because it allows him to create unforgettable live experiences and memories for audiences.

The journey began for Carlo as an assistant tour manager, where he developed the skills necessary to organize tours and live concerts for rock bands. He soon became renowned for his reliability and efficiency, allowing him to grow into more senior positions. Carlo learned quickly that every day in the music industry is different, yet he managed his logistics and schedules effectively, regardless of the challenges that came his way. He coordinated with team members, including sound and lighting technicians, artists, and stagehands, to ensure that live events were executed without a hitch.