Carlos Ramos


I come from an humble Mexican family. When I was 10, I fell ill. So one of my mother's friend introduced to us a product. It was the beginning of the network marketing life for my mother, and so for me too. My mother started to take courses called "Mental Application" when I was 11. There I started to learn the secrets of our mind. I was 12 when we moved from MEX to CAN. It was an extraordinary adventure! I went to school, like every child raised with the mentality that having a good education and work hard were the key to success in life. How wrong I was! In 9 years I had time to meet amazing people from who I have learned enormously, being invited into many network companies, I've been part of 3 of them, I discovered so many "Universes", and I learned the impact that our mindset can have over our life.

It's interesting to see how many things we learn when we take the decition to discover more that what we know.

Actually, I teach and train people how to explode the Organo Gold executive-level business. I show people how to make money working flexible hours using the massive expansion of this billion dollar company in North America and 30 other countries and counting.

I Train how to use a franchise-like system without the high franchise fees. I'm an Apprentice Wealth Trainer, an Internet Marketer Student. I help people how to wolk smarter, not harder. How to take advantage of modern technology, so they don't have to chase friends and family to build a powerful business. I WORK FROM HOME, so I show to others how they can do so.

If you feel a burning desire to make a change and you feel you have what it takes to make it as an Entrepreneur, contact me. i'll be happy to help you and see if this is a right fit for you. You deserve to have a stressful, healthier lifestyle!