Carlos Andrés Botero

I was born in Colombia, lived and studied in Medellín, Bogotá, Caracas, Mérida, Madrid, Basel, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, and East Lansing, IN, Bloomington, IN, and Houston, TX. Co-founder of 5 professional chamber ensembles, 2 orchestras and 1 music publishing company.

I see music as a powerful instrument for social transformation. I work toward thisin the Houston Symphony as Musical Ambassador for the city, presenting every pre-concert talk, writing for the orchestra's blog and producing thwir Podcast. I also work with Batuta, helping to shape the lives of over 40,000 young musicians in Colombia. I also work with the Filarmónica Joven de Colombia and the Latin American Music Center in Indiana University. My daily music making happens in Houston, TX, as the Assistant Conductor of the Houston Symphony and Co-Host of the "Musically Speaking" series.