Carlos Gadala-Maria

Veteran financial professional Carlos Gadala-Maria possesses 20 years experience in the industry. Starting his career as a Financial Analyst, Carlos Gadala-Maria soon advanced to Senior Portfolio Manager for Americas Trust Bank in 1993. For six years, he oversaw three groups of emerging markets and handled high yield, fixed income mutual funds. For three consecutive years, Carlos Gadala-Maria earned Best in Class awards from LatinFinance and Lipper for the performance of two funds he managed. Before retiring in 1999, he had supervised more than $1.6 billion of total assets. After retiring from American Trust Bank, Carlos Gadala-Maria continued his career at American Express Bank International as Senior Director. From 1999 to 2007, he operated as the region head of private banking for Latin America. During his tenure as Senior Director, Carlos Gadala-Maria expanded company personnel and increased revenue by 200 percent. He oversaw the hiring, training, and compliance of a high performing sales force, and he maintained relations and communication between 39 regional managers. Under his leadership, American Express Bank International reached new markets in Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America. At present, Carlos Gadala-Maria serves as the Chief Executive Officer and President of VectorGlobal WMG, a worldwide securities broker with a strong presence in the United States, Switzerland, and several Latin American countries. Carlos Gadala-Maria has used his experience in the industry to expand operations and increase sales 240 percent since his appointment in 2007.