Carlos Osvaldo Cortez

Community College CEO and President in San Diego, California

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As a Ph.D. candidate, Carlos Osvaldo Cortez performed research into the roles taken by administrators and educators of color. Today, as an administrator himself, he lives out that research as he works towards building a better educational future for his students. His work has largely been on an administrative level, with more than 16 years of experience including his current tenure as president of San Diego Continuing Education, a division of the seventh largest community college system in the US. On a policy level, he has served with a number of legislative task-forces in order to advocate for more social justice and urban education reform from policy-makers. Additionally, Carlos Osvaldo Cortez is an adjunct faculty member with UC Berkeley, Johns Hopkins University, and New York University.

  • Education
    • University of Southern California
    • Harvard University
    • New York University
    • Georgetown University