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Filmmaker, Director, and Writer in Hammon, Oklahoma

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I'm an Indigenous Journalist/Documentary Film Maker and Entertainment 'Whatever Pays', On Stage/back Stage. Former Stage Actor and Stuntman. But admittedly I am a Kick Ass Personal Bodyguard & protected prominent politicians, entertainers and others. Been there, done that.....Goon 101

Absolutely politically incorrect since I choose truth over convenient lies or political correctness for a lie is a lie. We Live in a world of Forked Tongues already. Why bath in the filth of others by emulating their stupidity or think inside their stinking box, screw that.

If you read my stories 10 or 20 years ago then you already know much of what I said back then came to pass. If not, there are plenty of other people who had visions that 'see' what is really happening, so get up to speed with someone you trust.

Currently I am moving news stories for voiceless & ignored people from around the world who have the presence of mind to contact me. I have a global network of fans and supporters who move my stories, videos, news briefs everywhere on planet stupid. My 'Int. Grass Roots Network'

Producing short films & investigative journalism on the side. I volunteer my services and equipment to noble causes and humanitarian interests. I stand with the ignored, abused & forgotten. My Radio Shows tormented Dictators, right Gen. Than Shwe?

My sites have been bombed by corporations, countries and a host of dictatorships. Sites band in some nations, people, arrested for having my podcasts on their laptops. I piss off everyone who walks with evil, spreads lies and death. What are you doing?

Screw cash, I've turned down more jobs in the last 5 years than ever before within my career. I could give a flying crappola about money. If you want me to write, film or promote for you, you had better be on Humanities Mailing List or don't waist my time. I'd rather track Moose than pander for cash.

Do I have a chip on my shoulder, Hell yeah. look at what you morons did to Mother Earth, let alone the concepts of humanity, morality and honesty. Guess it was not profitable enough. But really, are you guys that stupid to let others to lie in your face? You like the feel of warm spittle?

I don't have a side because they are both bogus as the day is long. Left Wing or Right Wing, get me off this flight of imbeciles, oy vey! I rather be free, soar with eagles & gourd dance. Tistsistas

I'm Humanity's No Bullshit Angel, Capice?

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