Carlo Powe

Carlo Powe

"I can't imagine what it would feel like; to never produce another party again, even with all of the craziness that can come from it and the sometimes enormous details involved - I find it hard to let the work go and just do nothing", says catering and party planning expert, Carlo Powe-Crawford.

Sitting still has never been Carlo's style. She modeled and did commercials before fleeing to California, to escape things only available in Metro-Detroit. Within two weeks, Carlo met the late Penrod Dennis, a well respected agent and owner of Film Artists Associates - who signed her, showing her the West Coast big city ropes.

Carlo eventually ventured back into Food&Beverage, working with L.A.'s top catering and event planning companies. After catering to Hollywood A-list "royalty", Carlo returned to her home roots, launching Carlo At Your Service Productions, producing luxury parties for Detroit's trendsetting business owners and private party clientele.

Now Carlo is focused on spreading ideas. As the author of the Cater-Hater blog, attracting the attention of companies like, and others, she shares her opinions about the current state of party economics, personal commentary about catering and event planning, with some of her recipes sprinkled in.

"I've been writing since I've had the motor skills to manipulate a pen or pencil on paper. But this is a wonderful challenge," she explains. "If I stop and think about it, it would freak me out. So instead I move forward, loving every minute of it."

When the Great Recession tanked the economy, business in Detroit fell off substantially but Carlo saw the upside. "My wheels were already spinning. I thought, perfect - now I can spend my time helping more people, answering their questions and teaching them how to produce their own parties. My plans weren't ruined, they were adjusted," she quipped.

Like the Italians have a name for their rapturous approach to life: fuoco nelle vene, fire in the veins - so does Carlo; have a fire about parties. Once the luxury party market rebounds, Carlo will establish a big party business concept that she's cooking up. "I've never believed that anything is unobtainable," Carlo says. "I just have to find a more extra time.