Carl Turnley

Business Executive in Lafayette, Louisiana

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Carl Turnley is currently the Executive Vice President for the consulting firm Farfella Company, LLC, and the President of KTC Telecom, solidifying his position within the world of telecommunication.

Carl is an ambitious individual in the business world, beginning his employment with Kaplan Telephone Company in 1990 as an installer/repairman. The next 8 years consisted of Carl furthering his telecommunications knowledge, successfully reaching the presidential position that he holds today.

Carl Turnley studied data communications and engineering at Texas A&M University, and later graduated from the University of Louisiana Lafyette with a Bachelor's degree in science. Seeking to continue his education, Carl then obtained his Master of Business Administration degree from Louisiana State University in 2006.

Carl Turnley is also an avid and experienced traveler, having visited such places as England, Italy, California, and more. He makes an effort to travel at least twice a month to experience the many cultures of the world, and apply this newly obtained knowledge to both his business and personal life. Carl stresses the importance of travel to friends and colleagues, and the opportunities of experiencing these new cultures that come with consistent excursions.

Actively taking part in non-profit organizations, Carl Turnley understands the selflessness and reward of helping others. One organization that he holds dear is the Special Olympics, as his own brother participates in these games year after year. Carl's pride in his brother's remarkable efforts is what motivates him to devote his time to helping those in need.

He also contributes regularly to local schools in the Lafayette area, promoting the importance of education in young children. Through this, he teaches these kids the various factors of business, and what years of education can help them achieve.

In his personal time, Carl Turnley enjoys watching and discussing racing with friends. Though he was never a racer himself, Carl sees the joy that comes with racing's deep history, and the companionship of the sport. One aspect of racing he applies to his business life is the notion that if you wait, life will pass you by, but if you fight for what you truly wish to achieve, you will come out on top.

  • Work
    • Farfella Company, LLC.
  • Education
    • Louisiana State University Agricultural Center
    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette