Carmen Trifiletti

Clerk department of human and special services in Mullica hill

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Carmen Trifiletti is very proud of her job. Carmen works hard to run meetings for the CEAS, CIACC, COMA, HSAC, and LPRC committees from the department's office in West Deptford, Gloucester County. The organization helps people and families, people with disabilities, parents who need help with child care, people with addiction and mental health problems, and more. This is very important work. Carmen wants to ensure that the New Jersey Department of Human and Special Services does what it needs to do for the people living in her home state.

Trifiletti always works hard to improve other people's lives. They keep track of resources, take careful notes, and handle all the meeting paperwork. As an active member of the Living Proof Advisory Board, they have helped set up a lot of workshops and events that have had more than 100 people attend. They have also helped with important point-in-time counts, where homeless people in the community are counted. As part of these point-in-time counts, they have given out important gloves, hats, and information about local shelters and mental health organizations. Carmen has also done in-depth data analysis after past counts were finished.

  • Education
    • Graduated At Cabrini College