Carola Nitz

Software Engineer in Berlin, Germany

I've started proper programming in 2009 when I got my first tech-related student job at Nik Software. Working on a cross-plattform project for Mac and Windows in C++ taught me a lot and definitely makes up a big part of the programmer I am today. And yes, I sometimes still place the * at the type and not the variable name and miss my default parameters.

Working for a company that provided Software for photographers let me develop a passion for clean design and great UX ( though I might not always get it implemented the way it should look) Even though Mac OS might not be the best OS itself, it is in my eyes the one with the greatest User Experience. This led me into the world of developing in Objective-C for Mac and later on for iOS.

So far I worked at Stuffle and nxtbgthng (later evenly) and in my free time I worked on VLC for iOS, followed by some time in the Silicon Valley.

P.S.: Follow me on Twitter if you're into that kind of thing.

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