Carole Hambleton-Moser

Former Head of Credit Suisse in Cape Town, South Africa

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As a board member of several non-profit organizations, and a recent connoisseur of Eastern Philosophy, Carole Hambleton-Moser is a woman who has achieved much in her lifetime and is continuing to put her skills to use for those most in need.

Carole Hambleton-Moser grew up in America but has spent more of her formative years outside of the country than within. She operates in the international arena and has cultivated a natural ability to work with people from many cultures to better benefit their communities. Carole displays tenacity and enthusiasm in working with non-profits which is clearly evident in the results these organizations deliver.

Whether she is involved in a meeting as a Board member of the Donkey Sanctuary or helping to donate a wheelchair to a disabled dancer who is a part of the Theatre Arts Admin Collective, Carole uses all her might for the betterment of the world. When she isn’t pursuing her passions of philanthropy, Carole spends time on inner reflection, doing yoga or QiGong, or hiking with her dogs and friends.

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