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Thanks for visiting my 'about me' page.

I'll keep it short and sweet- just like me.

I have recently started a NEW travel blog featuring my Adventures in South America- (3 weeks travelling through Chile, Peru and Mexico) and also covering a trip i took back in 2014 to europe and my local travels.

This travel blog is filled with all those funny little stories, and comes with all those photos that i didn't manage to upload to facebook whilst away on the trips.

To visit my travel blog: hit the "visit my website" button on the top of this page.

So what else can you you find about me?

if you hit the FACEBOOK logo at the bottom of the page- you will find me on facebook.....look me up and say hi

If you hit the WORDPRESS "W" logo at the bottom of the page- you can read all about my artwork journey and see what i am painting lately.

I've been blogging for a quite a while............ my very first blog was about finding & building self confidence, moving forward and learning to like who i really am.

if you want to visit my old blog which i called "i climbed a mountain, and then shopped" which was my confidence rebuilding blog then copy and paste the following address:

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