Caroline Ravelo

marketing consultant and business coach, design programs to grow business, and connect and network in Fort Myers, Florida

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I create, experience, collaborate, network and love living in real time - now!

We live based on our dreams, our ability to asking for everything, believing we can have it and stay open to allow and receive.

Life is about change. Be self-aware. Choose and accept all forms of Good.

It's up to us. Stay focused. Live on purpose. Know who you are and why you are here.

We fulfill our promise through relationship, purposeful work, caring for others, being part of the greater community and by leaving a legacy.

My passion is to be an active, positive power of change in the world.

I recognize, honor and behold who and what we are - people of valor, Light in the world - to make a big, amazingly loud, and joyful difference.

Being and living as The Most Magificient Expression of the Divine in all areas of life is our gift.

Let's connect! I am thrilled to assist individuals, organizations and groups form and achieve their goals with meaning and true purpose.

My business associates believe, trust and allow their greatestness to unfold through full and open sharing of gifts, talents, skills, experience and creativity.

This is the path of the hero's journey. Live our dreams. Be the cause of great change.

Share your dream. Tell me and everyone what you dream, what you are about.

Let's support our collective purpose, fulfill our hearts, and answer the call from Ultimate Source of all life.

Be the magnificent essence of Light. Create beauty. Live in great health. Create and share your abundant prosperity. Most especially see love for the Highest Good.

I look forward to meeting you along this path of life.
Honor, love and blessings to you, my sister, brother, friend. Namaste.