Carol Rainbow

Online tutor in Wales, United Kingdom

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Hi everyone I am a teacher, was for many years an ICT consultant for primary education. I have a big family, so I am mum, grandma, sister and aunt!

I am very interested in teaching in Second Life or other virtual worlds feeling that they will be the way of future learning when they are simple, web based and simply work!

Currently I am a part time tutor for The Consultants-E teaching a range of their courses online. I love teaching online in a virtual classroom. I am working for UCLAN looking at how you can teach language through games as part of the Guinevere Project so can often be found with children in Minecraft.

I spend a lot of time making machinima in Second Life and investigating how these can be used as a language teaching aid. ( see a whole range of them created for The Camelot Project.

Keeping up to date with everything ICT related to education is a full occupation, I write weekly for 123ICT in Oxfordshire.