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Carolyn Rodriguez is a freelance journalist based out of Washington. She formerly worked as a ghost writer for a variety of prestigious online publications, specialized in water and river pollution and contamination research. She maintains the excellent battle against pollution and global warming with her work on AllAboutWaterFilters and her own personal water pollution blogs.

A sample of my latest piece:

The State of Water Pollution In The USA 2022
Did you know that the greatest serious threat to drinking water in the United States is pollution from our rivers, lakes, and reservoirs? Fewer people are concerned about the destruction of flora and fauna, climate change or climate change, air pollution, or the loss of tropical rain forests.

Indeed, both Liberals and Conservatives rank drinking water contamination as their top concern. Democrats are just as concerned about global warming and climate change as they are about contaminated drinking water. Over the last two decades, there have been significant differences in the levels of concern stated by partisans.

In 2021, 41% of Americans, including 64% of Conservatives and 22% of Democrats, feel the state of the environment is excellent or good. Overall, 42% of Americans believe the quality of the environment is improving, while 52% believe it is deteriorating. Republicans are mostly unconcerned about environmental issues, while Democrats are concerned. Some of Trump’s environmental plans have been rescinded by Biden.

The Clean Water Act is one of the most important environmental laws in the United States. The purpose of the policy, which dates back to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1948, is to safeguard streams, rivers, lakes, and bays. The Clean Water Act’s protection of rivers is still up for dispute. Nonpoint source pollution refers to runoff, drainage, and other pollution that isn’t caused by a single source.

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