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Discover The Three Main Carpet Cleaning Techniques

Keeping carpets clean in the home is important for a number of reasons. It prevents the build up of dust, and with so many people suffering from allergies these days, that is very important. By cleaning on a regular basis, it also keeps the carpet in good condition, and prevents the build up of stains. Using the correct carpet cleaning techniques will lengthen the life of the carpet. So what techniques can be used to clean a carpet?


This technique was used decades ago, before technology brought us the sweeper and vacuum cleaner. It is still handy to use today though if there is a solid deposit of something on the carpet, but it is no good for an overall clean. The major downside is that it throws a lot of dust back into the air, which could trigger an allergy attack.


This is by far the most common way of cleaning carpets. However, many people when buying a vacuum cleaner do not take into account the suction power, or the type of brush heads it comes supplied with. Both are important to how well the carpet is cleaned. A high wattage does not always equate to more power, as it depends on the technology the vacuum uses to create the suction.


For those who want to give their carpet a total clean that reaches all of the deep down dirt, then shampooing is the best option. This technique is especially important if anyone in the home suffers from an allergy. It is recommended to do this kind of clean every three months.

Keeping the carpets clean in the home not only make the place look and smell better, it can also make it a much more healthy environment to live in.