cash loan

How to Get a Quick Loan The Easy Way

Most people will be able to qualify for a 500 loan if they want to. However, there are several important restrictions. Anyone planning to request a fast loan from a cash lender will need to meet all of the following criteria.

At least 18 years of age

A total income that totals a minimum of $1,200 per month. This money must be received in the form of direct deposit to a bank account or a paper check from the employer.

A regular source of income. The applicant must have worked at the job for at least three months before the loan can be requested.

Must be a citizen of the country where the loan is requested.

Must have a bank account in the same country that the loan is requested

Must not be in bankruptcy or planning bankruptcy in the near future

Must not have returned checks or repeated issues with insufficient funds

Must have no other current short term loans (or very few loans of this type.)

The main thing to keep in mind when trying to get a cash loan is that a steady job is absolutely vital. Many people have income from other sources and assume that the other income will allow them to qualify for the loan. However, the following kinds of income are not accepted as valid income when applying for a quick loan.

Any type of social assistance

Student loans

Refunds from child tax

Income from being self employed (this type of income is very hard to verify so it is not allowed)

Income from a private pension

Disability payments

Any type of insurance settlements or accident related settlements

One way to cut down on the time required to get a payday loan is to begin the process over the Internet or over the phone. While it may be necessary to visit the loan provider to sign documents, in general it takes less than one day to get the money. Sometimes, it may take only hours to have the money direct deposited.