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Marco Castro-Bojorquez

Filmmaker and Activist in California

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Marco, is an activist and an impact filmmaker that aims to build a more just and peaceful world through creative resistance and nonviolent action.

Marco considers his film work to be “a contracorriente” and his philosophy is inspired by the efforts of the "Third Cinema" coined by filmmakers and thinkers of the movement of “New Latin American Cinema” in the 70s where the main purposes aimed at resist, mobilize, agitate, and to promote social consciousness to counter the practices of the American film industry, mainly Hollywood.

In 2010, Marco directed his first short documentary Tres Gotas de Agua, in collaboration with Somos Familia and BAYCAT. In this film, three Latina immigrant mothers tell their personal stories about their children's coming out processes.

In 2015, he premiered his most recent work, El Canto del Colibri (The Hummingbird’s Song) the acclaimed Spanish-language documentary featuring Latino immigrant fathers discussing acceptance of their LGBTQ children.

Find El Canto del Colibri here: Vimeo Amazon Seed and Spark Frameline Distribution Kanopy

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