Catarina Campos

Lisboa, Portugal

I believe we all move brigthly when we let our passions guide us.

With that idea on my mind, I tried once to find the one thing I am passionated the most....after graduating in Porto and working in Switzerland: It wasn't architecture.

I now believe all the things I love make me who I am, all of them, no work/home person, no full/part time job, no hobbies, no separations at all. So, this is me, these are my passions:

LIFE. I search Happiness in everything that i Do. I like to have my smile, my good energy on, my music (even if it's just on my mind) and it's great when I can bring that to people around me. For this, I find a reason to travel and meet new cultures every time I can.

PEOPLE. I just love our energy and how much we can create when we're all together reaching for that same goal. So, guess what? I devote a big part of my time to Ignite Portugal .... and, WOW, that's inspiring!

EXPLORING. Here I put together my love for LEARNING, for CREATING new and interesting things and for MAKING things happen. This is why I worked for 2 years at iMatch, as Chief Motion Officer developing projects in the areas of creative collaboration, innovation and collective energyzing. And also why I am developing 2 projects of my own, soon for the world to know!

DANCE. Since when? Guess forever, I just didn't know that before I knew it. I started dancing when I was thirteen and counting... as long as my heart goes, my body moves :) This is why, one year ago I've decided to full commit with this part of me. I am devoted to Freestyle dance, learning, discovering and practicing the way my soul and body feel the music. For that, I often travel to different places, lived in Paris, so that I can one day share it all in a valuable way to others.

Yep! This is the road I'm making with my own two feet and with the help of everyone that crosses my life. And always up for challenges!

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