Catherine Rose

Boston, MA

Someone has told me that you have to meet me in person to "experience" the full me. Some fascinating or strange things about me....

I have three undergrad degrees because I could... arrange the courses to get 204 credit hours in 4 years (Mechanical Engineering, Applied Math and Spanish). I studied in Spain and Mexico.

I completed my Masters and PhD in Mechanical Engineering in 4.5 years. While at Stanford, I lived in Japan and the Netherlands.

When I working at Lucent, I added a MBA to the mix. I even taught college on the side.

Then, I was pregnant with Alexis and Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn died at 29 weeks and my life and mission in life changed. I would forever be altered and even more so after 72 days in the NICU with Alexis fighting for her life. You can read more about here her early experience here:

Sixteen months later Jessica came into our life, she was typical until age 3 when she was also diagnosed with CHD and needed open heart surgery.

Like my children, I am a fighter, I am their advocate, I am a visionary. I see the possible from the impossible. Join me on my journey, just ask how!