cathi iannone

New York, New York

American Designer, painter, sculpter, photographer, teacher, writer, and blogger at the Italian American food & lifestyle blog, The Brooklyn Ragazza. The artist has an extensive background in Design and Fine Art, with concentrations in Painting, Drawing, and Art History. Although the artist considers herself, largely, self-taught, she received her formal education with a Teaching Degree in English Literature from Syracuse Unversity, and completed the Fine Art Foundation Program at the, internationally renowned, Pratt Institute's Upstate NY campus (PrattMWP), with a High Honors distinction. The artist is established in the Design field with numerous awards, recognitions, and published work over the past 25 years.

Academic International Travel Experience: On a Sabbatical in the late 1990's, she backbacked throughout Western & Eastern Europe, compiling research and journaling a portfolio of visual art, architecture, culinary practices, musical history, world history photographs, and recording the culture of each era throughout thirteen countries. In 2003, she embarked on a cultural study in Indonesia concentrating on Bali, Jakarta, and Ubud, while photographing and journaling the cultural traditions, culinary practices and lifestyle of the Indonesian people.

In 2012, she was chosen by Da Vinci Wines as the " DaVinci Storyteller Experience" Winner (Culinary Category), where she traveled to Vinci, Italy and spent a week at the Da Vinci Cantine, learning about the wine, the food, and soaking up the historic, Tuscan Region, while translating all the Tuscan inspiration through her food, stories, and photography. The "Da Vinci Storyteller Experience" is chronicled on her Italian American food & lifestyle blog, The Brooklyn Ragazza.

In 2013, Cathi joined Fonderia USA, an Italian-American publication, as a lifestyle contributor whose mission is to develop a better understanding of Italian American experiences through history, the arts, and business; to help in the development and circulation of new works by Italian-American artists; and to foster cultural, scientific and artistic exchanges between the United States and Italy.

Additionally, the artist is, also, a Fine Art Investment Management Consultant, on a contractual basis. Client portfolio includes buyers/ high net worth individuals who are acquiring Fine Art for investment purposes.