Cathryn is a singer from a small Swiss town called Baden. In the past few years she did a lot of backing vocals for other artists such as swiss soul and RnB shooting star „SEVEN“. After countless gigs as a backgroundsinger, she decided that the time had come to sing her own music: „ All these years I never actually had the confidence to write my own songs. But now they seemed to flow right out of my head and my heart.“ As a very busy vocalcoach and a mum of two kids, Cathryn had to find time and space to write. « What an exciting journey that was! Composing harmonies, finding words and melodies often led to an astonishing truth. Getting to the heart of the issue that I wanted to write about, often forced me to think about me and my life in a different way than I ever did before. It’s truly amazing what you can learn about yourself, if you dig a little deeper!“

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