Cathy Edwards

Cathy Edwards is the CTO and co-founder at Chomp, a search engine for mobile apps. She created Chomp's proprietary algorithm that understands the function of each app, allowing you to search for apps based on what they do rather than just what they're called. Chomp launched on iPhone in January 2010 and on Android in February 2011.

Prior to Chomp, Cathy lead mobile product management at Friendster, launching a key revenue share data plan with carriers in South East Asia; and 3jam where she launched a converged SMS-IM mobile messaging product. Before moving to America Cathy was based in Australia, where she worked for Telstra, the leading telecommunications carrier. She started out in their research lab doing machine learning and natural language processing research, before leading a team dedicated to conceptualizing, prototyping and incubating new product ideas. Cathy has degrees in pure mathematics, linguistics and computer science from the University of Western Australia.