Christophe Beyls

Brussels (Belgium)

Hi, I'm Christophe. I like computers and electronic devices since I'm a kid and now that's what I do for a living.

I create mobile apps since 2011 and these days I'm specialized in Android development, including projects I develop for free during my spare time.

Before that, I played with various programming languages and tools, and I created the popular Slimbox javascript code in 2006-2008 to become better at web technologies.

I enjoy creating original and elegant software or making new uses of hardware, and as such I consider myself more like an artist than a scientist.

I'm a very curious person, I watch a lot of movies and I like to travel, having visited this beautiful place you can see in the background.

You will likely find me in Brussels at Café Numérique, Google Developers Group or Betagroup. I tweet often (mostly in English) and I blog in French from time to time. Thanks for reading me.