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Is an alternative news site, conformed by a group of communication workers that deeply believe in the important of speech freedom related to political, economic and other areas. The news agency works in order to give its readers an alternative look at different issues that happen globally.

Nowadays, being informed is vital. In the current technological era, we are able to constantly get information on our smartphones, which we carry almost the whole day. The issue is not about getting enough information, but learning how to filter untrustworthy sources.

Unfortunately, most conventional news sites receive tons of money from advertisers, who may end up influencing their approach on the news. However, there are still some independent new agencies such as CCeit News. It´s extremely important to be able to recognize real news from others that are manipulated.

Within this context, being able to trust a news site such as CCeit is a real advantage for us all. This site is constantly updating its international news and they are well-researched and trustable. Also, the news topics are quite wide; therefore, in one site you are able to find all the necessary information you need to stay up to date about the most important topics you need to stay informed.

The site is organized in a way that is very easy to navigate on it. There are several categories, such as news by country (Germany, Morocco, Netherlands, USA, France, etc.), travel, nature and environmental news, culture, entertainment, cinema, famous stars, games, TV, Sports, health, economy, science, lifestyle, technology, culinary, home and garden, cars and politics, among others.

In conclusion, CCeit News is formed by real journalists, who are independent from outside economical interest, so therefore are free to inform about the topics they want to inform, in a way that can express themselves honestly.

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