Christine Egger

Reiki Master & Teacher in Ann Arbor, Michigan

I love helping my clients reconnect with their natural state of well-being.

Reiki is a Japanese word, written in kanji as 靈氣 and pronounced “RAY-key.” It refers both to the force that creates everything in the universe, and to a variety of healing methods that channel that force.

Reiki can be a personal tool for healing and growth, a way to give energy to family and friends, or a complementary therapy to other kinds of treatment. Reiki supports the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


During an IN-PERSON session, you’ll lie fully-clothed on a massage table. I’ll place my hands just over your eyes and forehead and hold them there for several minutes. I’ll move my hands through a series of positions, moving from your head to your feet. You may feel warmth, tingling sensations, or a release of emotion, or you may fall into a relaxed state similar to sleep.

Before and after a DISTANCE session, we’ll talk briefly to confirm the timing and share expectations and reflections. During the session, I’ll follow the practice described above, using my mind's eye to guide the treatment. Sessions can be scheduled when you have the opportunity to be quiet and relaxed, but they don’t have to be. They can be directed to any point in the past or future, as well as to a present situation.


“Christine was working with me in a way that clearly honored both who I was in that moment, as well as who I wanted to become. She helped me to connect the challenges that I was facing in my body with the challenges that I was facing in my personal development, and experience healing in both.” -- in-person client

“Christine, when I reached out to you for a Reiki healing I felt enveloped with love, care, and healing light. There were moments when I felt complete peace. That might have come due to my reaching out and into my body's capacity to heal and feel whole again, but that connection with my own capacity came from the affective connection with you. Thank you for leading me and helping me tap my reservoir of strength and capacity to heal.” -- distance client


$120/hour. Reach out any time with questions or to schedule a session: 248 787-4917, [email protected].