Christopher David James Butterfield

Designer, Consultant, and Father in Essen, Deutschland

Christopher David James Butterfield

Designer, Consultant, and Father in Essen, Deutschland

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I grew up in London (UK) then moved on to Germany.

My passion is all about innovation, design, gadgets, outdoor sports, cars, motorbikes, movies and photography.

Went from Designer to Project Manager and Business Developer. Being a Product Owner and Learning & Gear Lead right now.

In Business:

Change anyone?

Let´s be honest: the good, the bad and the ugly - change is something nobody is waiting or wishing for - right? At least that holds true for most of my personal experience in past 20-something years in business. Being a Product Owner for Communication & Office Revamp in an [email protected] program right now shows me there is hope. Hope for change itself. What it needs is a foundation of trust, believe and transparency of what is ahead of you. It is like taking care of a relation- or friendship: listening and accepting different thoughts and perspectives. Listening meaning understanding not just responding. All in all its like climbing a mountain – the summit is in reach - if your team is highly dedicated, appreciated and well prepared for their journey.

TecBrand, TecCulture, TecLearning and always the “extra mile”

I set up the framework and roadmap for our TecBrand and support all Teams and simply get things done.
I am changing our reputation both internally and externally giving the ista “TecCrew” a visibility, standing and voice.
Attracting top (IT-)talents and keeping them committed and happy is what we call “people first”.
Creating a true (learning) culture people want to work in – we call “pionista”


I have a proven track record in international marketing, communications, IT project management, integration know-how, integrated communication workflows, enterprise social collaboration, digital asset management, interface management and design. For more than 22 years I have been working as an internal and external consultant inside international business networks.

What counts for me the most? Get the right people, cultural mindset and tools together and you can speed-up anything.