Cedric Dahl

Palo Alto, California

Cedric Dahl

Palo Alto, California

Hi, nice to e-meet you, thanks for stopping by.

Here are a few of the things I've worked on...

Buttercoin: Bitcoin Marketplace

Buttercoin makes it easy to Buy and Sell Bitcoins. Buttercoin.com

Tribe: Technology Incubator

Co-founder. Dreampt up new tech ideas & quickly build them. Wrote software, build hardware, and stay up late designing new tech.

People in Motion: Parkour Documentary

Director, Editor, Camera Man. The film is currently playing on Television in 30+ countries & is available on YouTube.

Politure: Analytics Architecture

Teamed up with a small group of Data Scientists who helpled power the data driven marketing campaigns I worked on at Microsoft.

Microsoft: Growth Hacker

First job out of college. I architected & led a $5,000,000 data driven marketing campaign for Hotmail. Collaborated with teams in Buisiness Intelligence and Engineering to create Microsoft's first marketing campaign to quantitatively measure it's effectivness on long term customer acquisition.

Living More: blog about living more & working less

  • Work
    • CEO: Buttercoin.com