Celimpilo Surprise Ndebele

Student in Auckland Park, South Africa

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Celimpilo Surprise Ndebele is a University of Johannesburg graduate. Recently obtained his qualification in Bachelors of Education. He is now registered with UNISA were he is furtheringhis studies in BA Hons in African Languages.Studying BA hons is one of his significant achievements as a young and self distinguish upcoming writer from Uj. He is currently working on his books which will be published later this year (2018). Zulu short stories, Zulu and English collection of poems and a Zulu novel. He is very politically and historically aware, it is in this context where his close friends named him Uhuru which simply means (Freedom or Independence) in Swahili. He is a curator of Africanism and blogger.

  • Work
    • University of Johannesburg
  • Education
    • Masithwalisane secondary school and University of Johannesburg
    • University of South Africa