The Supreme Council of the press in Iraq

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Based on the substance of the constitution .....

Establishment of the Supreme Press Council
Article first-Supreme Press Council is an independent body be a stand-alone headquarters in Baghdad
And autonomous, moral and legal and based on the affairs of the press in order to achieve freedom and independence and its exercise of basic components of society and to ensure the preservation of national unity to achieve peace, including confirms its effectiveness in ensuring the right of citizens to knowledge through Alokhbarasahihh and the views and comments of objectivity and serving all Moatunainalmadh for a second: The President of the Republic decision the formation of the Supreme Press Council as follows:

Chairman of the Shura Council and shall have the presidency of the Supreme Council of the heads of the press councils professional journalistic institutions
Editors of national newspapers that represent each institution in the event of Taddhm one chosen by the Board of Directors Foundation editors of newspapers that belong to entities Alssayashnguib journalists and fourth journalists selected by the Board of Editors Aelchoryris network Arabs and four journalists selected by the pioneers of the Shura Council of the Arab Network Editors

Two professors of journalism Iraqi universities selected by the Shura Council, two experts from the private media law in the Arab world of public figures interested in the affairs of the press and of the various public opinion that not more than members of the paragraph Alsabakhtkon previous term of membership

The term of membership of the Council shall be four years, renewable

Article III: This is the Supreme Council of the Library of journalism and cushions President and the Secretary General and the Assistant Secretary at the first session of the Commission Altacisahachtsasat the Supreme Council for the fourth Sahafhalmadh: the terms of reference of the Supreme Council for the press according to the following 1

1-express an opinion on all projects relating to the laws of the flags and the press

2-take all would support the Iraqi press, development and developed to keep pace with the current developments in the press in the world through the promotion of research and Alttoerfi the fields of industry and in the con

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