Ceri-Wyn Thomas

Bristol, United Kingdom

About Me: I am Ceri-Wyn Thomas. I have spent a great deal of my life in pursuit of three-letter abbreviations to put after my name. I have a degree in geology, a masters in palaeobiology and a PhD in the field of Precambrian palaeontology and procrastination. I am not currently receiving therapy for this. I have lady parts. They are delightful. I left academia in a blaze of (mostly imagined) glory and now I work as an ‘Associate Publisher’ for an academic publishing company. I spend my paid time reading papers in all sub-fields of physics and materials science, deciding whether they should be peer-reviewed or pooed on in the politest way possible. I spend my unpaid time teetering on the verge of trying to be a comedian and running long distances for no reason other than self-directed sadism and the promise of a mass-produced medal. Naturally, I also like to travel. I travel both during my paid and unpaid time. I love to travel. I want to travel all over the place.