Cesar Trujillo

Consultant, Public Speaker, and Digital Transformation in Bogota, Colombia

I am not a digital guru. Instead, I prefer to say the plain truth: I am a Colombian nerd-turned-to-artist–turned–to Digital Marketer. I've been working on the digital arena over 20 years, from the days when digital was not even called that way but Multimedia instead. I begun in '95 doing several first milestones in the industry, such as the first websites for brands like Avianca, Caracol, and the first animated GIF in Colombia (no kidding), among others.

Since then, I´ve stepped up the ladder of the digital marketing and advertising pathway: I´ve worked on design, information architecture, creative direction, project management, account management, and business management. I've been both entrepreneur (twice) and an intrapreneur (four times as far as I recall) as well.

I love writing, teaching, meeting and helping people. I love helping business, people and brands to reach their highest potential in the digital world... which, by the way, is every time more and more integrated with its atomic "counterpart" (if you don't believe it, think about the times you start talking to somebody in person and then you keep the conversation via WhatsApp).

Finally, I am passionate about sharing and building knowledge: I've been a teacher since 1997, and I like speaking publicly about the sociologic implications of what we call "digital", since 2007. And I believe that people is first by far, no matter how big businesses are.

  • Work
    • Ennovva, JWT, Studiocom/VML
  • Education
    • Instituto Pedagogico Nacional
    • Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano
    • Universidad De Los Andes Colombia