Cyril Fievet

Writing for about 20 years, mostly about science, technology and society.

Focused on the future and the way technology transforms the way we live, work, behave or think.

Main subjects: innovation and advanced technologies - Internet, cyberculture, crypto-currencies, robotics, artificial intelligence, new interfaces, connected devices, pervasive computing, transhumanism...

Journalist: news editor for the monthly magazine Comment ça marche (the French edition of How it works) ; news writer for AllTheContent News Agency ; in charge of the section on the future of technology in We Demain ; frequent contributor to Usbek & Rica and Orbs.

Web producer: founder and news editor of, online magazine on Bitcoin and Altcoins (in English), founder and administrator of, online community on Bitcoin and blockchain-based products and services.

Author: seven published books, last one an ebook about Bitcoin and Altcoins (Comprendre Bitcoin et les crypto-monnaies alternatives, December 2014).

Translator: two published books, translated from English to French, Adam Greenfield's Everyware and Douglas Rushkoff's Program or be programmed.