August 2009, the "Catta-Gee" brand was founded, with a clothing line named "CG Clothing". The focus of this clothing line was to give people a new unique look, unlike any other clothing line offered that they would be proud to wear.

July 2011, the "Catta-Gee" brand furthered it heights with the founding of "CG Graphics". The focus was to combine a combination of professional, quality, and creative web designing / site development at affordable costs.

November 2011, the "Catta-Gee" brand furthered itself with the addition of "CG Marketing / Advertising". The focus was to give other companies in our economy a fighting chance. The goal is to give exposure to companies, while expanding, growing, and improving their products to new heights.

For more on the Catta-Gee infrastructure visit us on our sites located at or and always remember to, "Stay Unique."