Chad Kaltenbach

Teacher and Consultant in Columbus Ohio

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Chad Kaltenbach runs the highly successful Kaltenbach Real Estate, a Columbus Ohio real estate company. He started the company 25 years ago with just a little over $200k and grew it to where it is today, holding a portfolio of over $100 million in rental properties. Chad’s success is a confluence of multiple factors that reinforce each other. He was born into a family of entrepreneurs and was exposed to the basics of business at a very young age. This drove his passion to pursue a career in business management. He did an undergraduate degree in business management and graduated with high honors. He then pursued an MBA further expanding his knowledge on business management and strategic planning. After completing his studies, Chad went on to work in several investment firms and built the experience necessary to venture out on his own and form Kaltenbach Real Estate. As the CEO, Chad has grown the company from strength to strength and mentored many young people to become successful entrepreneurs like him. Chad is also into philanthropy and has given a lot both in time and money to non-profits that support children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Chad also has a very active social life and loves spending time with his family.