Chad Kanera

Designer, Artist, and Photographer in Los Angeles, California

Chad Kanera

Designer, Artist, and Photographer in Los Angeles, California

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• Drone specialist in thermal inspection & surveillance solutions which spans across many industry verticals. Our customer base consists of service providers, municipalities and large enterprise corporations which are looking to deploy single platform solutions or invest in a fleet with multi-payload focused divisions.

The primary method of customer acquisition is through eCommerce driven marketing campaigns. Additionally, we’ve identified that training and education are the second largest barriers to customers outside of solution pricing. With this understanding in mind, our secondary focus is flight training and customer education programs to empower project managers tasked with implementing new technology initiatives within their organization.

• Skilled in information systems management, analysis, troubleshooting, testing, documentation, internal control procedures, system and program security, systems analysis, hardware and software installation, applications and program management, technical support, and network administration.

• Experienced in fostering and developing client relations, providing end user training and innovative technical solutions, conducting equipment demonstrations, and increasing efficiency to enhance profitability.

• Leadership skills include ability to lead and motivate co-workers from all backgrounds, creative problem-solving and solution-oriented work style, decisive and confident decision-making, and in-depth proficiency with new technology trends.

• Well-developed communication skills, documented writing and editing talents, ability to work well independently and as part of a team, developing effective client relations, providing superior client service and satisfaction


Administration Skills

Installation, configuration, troubleshooting, support, and maintenance of PC hardware and peripherals including desktop computers, printers, scanners, modems, and networked printers.

OSKnowledge Base Skills

All windows variants, Linux variants, iOS variants

Software Implementation Skills

Company server and system monitoring, mail server configuration and maintenance, ensuring latest version of Software and Hardware updates, system maintenance of all other Company Employees.

Security Implementation Skills

Security solutions such as firewalls, anti-virus, anti-spyware, patch management, or VPNs

Hardware Skills

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