Peter Chalder-Wood

Head of Insight in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

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Who am I? I'm the sum of my experiences. knowledge, interests and desires. Home, work, sports, social, online, school. Many different perceptions of who I am... All probably very different to who I think I am!

I'm a father, husband, son and brother. I'm an Engineer and a Chartered Marketer with an interest in technology and new product development. I am interested in online business and websites. I am currently Head of Insight for +ADD Strategy, an agile innovation agency that solves really difficult problems for companies!

I am from the North East of England and proud of it. Being from Durham City I'm not really a Geordie, Mackem or a Teessider. I'm English, British and European, with Scots, Durham and Yorkshire ancestry. Which gives me a healthy interest in language and dialects.

I'm interested in marketing, enterprise, finding new customers; Branding, sales, financial matters; History, politics and business. I am interested in people. I used to be active at sports, but too much rowing isn't good for one's back...

I have done engineering, product development, business and marketing consultancy, market research, as well as lots of sales. I've sold engineering design services, marketing and market research, business strategy consultancy, new product development opportunities, university services, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, media and student promotion opportunities to businesses.

I've even sold aerial photographs door-to-door for a summer! I have talked to so many people that I can't remember half of them!

PS The photograph is of Grasmere in the Lake District National Park in England. A bit blurry, but not bad for a cameraphone selfie!

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