Champion Hamilton

Information Concierge and Photojournalist in Queens, New York

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|| Photography || - From childhood, I've captured photos of moments and moods to share how I view the world. Known by the words, "Anyone can take a picture, an artist captures the moment." Currently specializing in business or personal event and promotional photography.

|| Information Concierge/Photojournalist - Sourcing and presenting information spanning various genres to content creators and consumers. Direct clients include, print/online media outlets, bloggers, private clients and PR teams. A collective reach of 500,000+.
** Big or small, I may be able to assist you directly **

|| Press Pit Manager || - As one of the gears behind the machine, I prep and manage step and repeats (red carpets). Liaison between event teams and the press pit. Keeping things organized and calm for film festivals, public and private media events.

|| Gaming Media || - Moderating chats and consulting for streamers on Bringing content to streamers, YouTube personalities and viewers from behind the scenes. (Gamer Tag: SaintClear)

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