Chance Welton

Topanga Canyon, Santa Monica, Malibu, CA

Chance Welton

Topanga Canyon, Santa Monica, Malibu, CA

Being in balance not only brings us into harmony physically; it also brings us into harmony at every level of our experience. -L. Bernstein

Therapeutic Massage:

-Calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of relaxation and well being.

-Reduces tension and anxiety, Improves blood circulation.

-Stimulates the lymphatic system, which carries away the bodies waste products.

-Prevents and relieves muscels cramps and spasms

-Massage Therapy can really help with pain managment.

Polarity: 5 Element Balance:

-Lowers levels of stress, pain, and depression.

-Helps stimulate glandular secretion, blood flow, and hormone production, promoting optimal organ function.

-Improves muscel response, and connective tissue elasticity.

-Helps to maintain a healthy energy level by realigning the nervous system.

Thai YOGA Massage:

-The therapist will hold you in certain yoga poses and press on energy points called "sen" with hands, feet, knuckes, and thumbs relieving tension and stretching myofascial tissue.

-Helps to boost the immune system, and relieve toixins through improving circulation.

-Leads to longevity.

  • Work
    • Asian Bodyworker
  • Education
    • Cypress Health Institute