Chanelle Carver

Humanitarian, Personal Coach, and Business Strategist in New York

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I am a forward-thinking, portfolio careerist with extensive experience working with organizations to increase operational efficacy, develop programs and expand reach of services, raise brand awareness and enhance the customer experience.

I fascinate others by speaking the language of innovation and mystique, which means my natural way to communicate and influence others is through creativity and listening. Learning and bringing out the best in others have consumed most of my life in some way or another for as long as I can remember.

I am a wild-hearted soul and deeply in love with life; its taste, smell, views and creatures. I stay curious.

I am driven by my passion to bring out the best in others and build sustainable businesses that make a positive impact in the community. I like to go deep into complex issues and explore new ways of thinking, doing and being, to uncover thoughtful approaches to solve problems and commonalities that unite instead of divide people.

I do what I do because helping people do meaningful work that lights them up and lights up the world is part of my core identity. I believe that when we change our own world we automatically create ripple effects of change throughout the world. That is possible when you know who you are - how powerful, capable and loved you are - and live in alignment with your desire while sharing (and as a result making money from) your gifts and passions and getting the support needed to explore, achieve and evolve. My new business, Expressions of Empowerment, is the vehicle that will makes this level of change and growth possible for many lives.

I am Chanelle Carver.

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    • Expressions of Empowerment
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    • Babson College