Chanelle Carver

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Transformation Expert in New York

Everyday, people around the globe are crying out for something different and better. Silent cries that happen in the bathroom stall of a 30 story midtown Manhattan office building. Loud cries that roar from the streets the moment a mother loses her child. Angry cries that fuel terrorism and hate crimes.

But one day I noticed, underneath my smile, I was crying too. They were tears of heartache from dreams deferred. Grief tears. Sorrow tears. Tears of rage and disbelief for all the pain and injustice that plagues society. I kept smiling because that's what I knew to do. But without fail and without warning, the tears consumed me.

Then something changed. I stopped unconsciously pretending and starting living my Truth. The Truth that all human beings are creative and powerful beyond human comprehension. The Truth that life is difficult, and it's easy and effortless in equal measure. That's when my heart figuratively exploded with love, compassion and appreciation for who I am, all of me, every gift, quirk and fault that makes me Chanelle Carver. At last, I had permission to be the Real Me.

Because of that newfound understanding, I had to change. Level up. It would take a few years before I knew how to express that type of power. That Power felt familiar and comfortable; however, I was scared.

Until finally, I owned my sorrow, my anger, my fear, my brilliance and desire for a better way forward. To make room for better and signal to the Universe that I was ready, I had to let go. Only when I surrendered to the present moment of uncertainty and fear could I let go of the person I thought I should be and embrace who I am becoming - the bold, thoughtful, witty, eccentric, authentic, unabashed and unapologetic version of Self that I resisted, suppressed and neglected for too long.

Ever since then, I've been creating from a place of excitement and possibility rather than fear and dread. My name is Chanelle Carver and I am here to share my knowledge, joy, wonder and wisdom to help people heal, learn, grow and enjoy life. My career mission is to be engaged in developing, promoting and investing in ideas and people that advance and celebrate humanity.

In addition to my entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, in order to pay the bills, fund my dream and live my best life NOW, I work as a merchandiser with retail marketing companies and I'm looking for employment with a food manufacturer, education or wellness company in marketing, sales or program development.

  • Education
    • Babson College