Chanelle Carver

Explorer, entrepreneur, and Activist in New York

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At my highest value I offer intuitive guidance and clever approaches to help entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses solve problems and navigate uncharted territory. My heart sings for the thrill of starting something new and the meticulousness of refurbishing and beautifying that which has lost its sparkle.

I thrive in environments that allow me to share ideas, review and refine, and connect with others. I am dedicated to the advancement and celebration of humanity, and anyone that shares this mission can consider me an ally.

My sweet spot is delivering fresh perspectives and creating custom solutions for challenges in organizational development, leadership, communications, and marketing for service-based businesses, purpose-driven entrepreneurs, and social enterprises / nonprofits.

Some things I work on with clients:

-- Talent (i.e. build internship or volunteer programs so leaders focus on their strengths and delegate the rest to their team)

-- Community Engagement (identify, connect with and engage your audience through newsletters, articles, blog, business reports)

-- Strategic Planning (purposeful, strategic action planning for your next "big leap", offering or new initiative)

-- Profit Maximization (eliminate waste, add a revenue stream, reduce costs and restructure departments, teams and partnerships)

I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, laughing, reading, sleeping, gaming, dancing, doing artsy stuff, cooking and anything related to food, traveling and connecting with people from different places and cultures.

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  • Education
    • Babson College