Chanelle Carver

Empowerment and Transformation Expert and Humanitarian in New York

For as long as I can remember, I have loved to learn, try new things, and the act of sharing knowledge and useful resources to help people improve their lives. This thirst for knowledge and social impact led me to explore different careers. From my work in the nonprofit and philanthropic sector, to my time consulting with small businesses, to the advocacy nonprofit I started, to the odd jobs I've worked to supplement my income and network with professionals from various industries, I've consistently shown that a caring heart, diligence, and an unwavering commitment to better the world are key ingredients to improving an organization's bottom line. Creativity, humor and natural counseling gifts allow me to connect on a deep level and get people to open up about their problems, dreams, hopes and fears. I started consulting after college, working on a per project basis with nonprofits and small and medium sized businesses. My specialty is identifying and solving problems that prevent growth, visibility and impact on my client's constituents. Throughout my personal, professional and philanthropic endeavors, I've been able to touch the lives of people on more than four continents and every coast in the USA.

  • Education
    • Babson College