Chanelle Carver

Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, and Transformation Expert in New York

There are many ways in which I feel compelled to express myself and my contribution to humanity. At the intersection of business, personal transformation and social impact, I find my sweet spot.

I am a dynamic individual, passionate about helping people solve problems and navigate uncharted territory in life and business. Since that first job as a salesperson in my uncle’s clothing store, I've gained a reputation for being the person to go to for guidance, having great ideas and an eye for what makes people and businesses thrive. With my natural teaching and counseling gifts, business acumen, and use of humor and storytelling to connect on a deep level, I have assisted several dozen entrepreneurs and organizations in building capacity to serve their audience, improve performance, and make a greater impact. I've also developed an affinity for coaching women to live authentically and take bold actions that improve their business, relationships, health and well-being. Experiencing various roles, including founder, freelancer, employee, associate, manager, board member, advocate and consumer, gives me a wholistic perspective of the lessons, challenges and opportunities that businesses face throughout the life cycle and what's required of leaders to meet and exceed their goals. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Babson College and a broad spectrum of knowledge and insight gleaned from a demonstrated history in retail, nonprofit management and the professional training & coaching industry.

Core expertise: Women Empowerment, Organization Development, Entrepreneurship, Learning & Exploration, Marketing, Communications, Leadership Development, Personal Transformation

  • Education
    • Babson College