Chanelle Carver

Personal Coach, Business Strategist, and Learning and Leadership Specialist in New York

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I am a renaissance woman with a background in organizational development, entrepreneurship, nonprofit capacity building, marketing communications, program development, customer service, and leadership coaching. Whether as an employee, entrepreneur or volunteer, my experiences have afforded me many opportunities to gain knowledge and insight into every aspect of business and organization development with over two dozen solopreneurs, nonprofits, retail, medical establishments, and private companies spanning nearly two decades, multiple US states, the United Kingdom, Lebanon, and a few African countries.

The deeper story is…

Learning and bringing out the best in others have consumed most of my life in some way or another for as long as I can remember. I feel lit up and alive with purpose when empowering people to know, love and be who they truly are so that they have a career and life they love. One of my gifts is in identifying and activating the greatness in others and I use this in my work as a personal coach, career and business strategist.

I believe that a world that works for everyone involves more people in the global workforce doing work that not only pays the bills but brings joy, meaning and fulfillment to our lives. Because when we change our own world we automatically create ripple effects of change throughout the world. That is possible when you know who you are - how powerful, capable and loved you are - and live in alignment with your desire while sharing (and as a result making money from) your gifts and passions and getting the support needed to explore, achieve and evolve. My new business, Expressions of Empowerment, is the vehicle that will makes this level of change and growth possible for many lives.

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