Chanelle Carver

Social Entrepreneur, Personal Growth Specialist, and Organizational Consultant in New York

I am a joyful, gifted, nurturing, unconventional artist pursuing mastery of life, love, and possibility.

I believe that we all are here with a purpose to experience more life and bring forth our unique expression of human potential, and I am passionate about living my purpose and helping others live their purpose. I monetize that mission/passion by using my background in personal coaching, organizational development, retail, social entrepreneurship, and online marketing to create tools, spaces, and experiences that empower people to know who they are and what they want and to embody that Knowing with more grace, vigor, and joy for a life they love; a fully expressed life lived on purpose and for a greater purpose.

My background includes working in program development in the nonprofit sector; as an admin and customer service professional; freelance marketing, capacity building and project management services to small businesses; retail merchandising; personal coaching and intuitive life guidance for people in transition; and years exploring healing modalities such as yoga, meditation, EFT, journaling, Breathwork, inner child and shadow work to heal myself and grow in my healing practice.

Because of these experiences I see challenges and opportunities from a holistic perspective. One that gets in the details of achieving a vision and strong enough to hold space for leaders and dreamers who are busy, driven and still get in their own way.

Over the years my support has touched lives on more than four continents, saved both businesses and families a lot of time and money, and has generated over $500,000 in revenue as well as gifts and donations for charitable causes. People attest to feeling more joy and less stress when working with me, like an energy bolt of Truth and hope in times of despair.

Currently, I am enrolled in the NASM personal trainer and nutrition coach certification programs, I work a day job in retail marketing/merchandising, and I'm building my own business as a Personal Growth Specialist, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach. My core offerings can be customized to fit the needs and wants of individuals or corporate clients consisting of small businesses up to 10 staff and $5 million annual revenue.

  • Education
    • Babson College