Chanelle Carver

Activist, Empowerment Coach, and Organization Development Consultant in New York

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I believe that all human beings possess an innate greatness that must be acknowledged and activated so that the depth and breadth of life can be experienced. In some way, all of us are artists. My particular form of artistry is mastery of life, love and possibility.

While I am interested in many things and known for living passionately, my life is dedicated to the advancement and celebration of humanity. I initiate and facilitate change, growth, and ingenuity within small businesses. I love learning and experiencing new places and cultures. Most importantly, I come alive with purpose when I am able to empower others to live life on purpose and for a greater purpose. I could use many labels to describe me and the work I do. The one that applies 100% of the time is Transformation Catalyst. When you think of transformation, think of Chanelle Carver.

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  • Education
    • Babson College