Chanelle Carver

Transformation Expert, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur in New York

People have been asking for Chanelle's input and insight since she was an adolescent. She's known for being the one to turn to for advice and guidance, having great ideas and an eye for what makes people and businesses shine. Helping people solve problems and navigate uncharted territory in life and business is her specialty.

Wearing many hats is second nature to Chanelle, as is being provocative, nurturing, meticulous, expressive, and determined. With her natural teaching and counseling gifts, business acumen, and use of humor and storytelling to connect on a deep level, she has worked with over two dozen companies and community benefit organizations helping them build capacity to serve, create engaging programs, develop strong leaders, raise money and brand awareness and to enhance the customer experience. The diverse experience equipped Chanelle with the strategic insight and leadership skills that businesses require to meet and exceed their goals. She holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Management from Babson College; has a demonstrated history in retail, nonprofit management and the professional training & coaching industry; and is skilled in Management, Community Engagement, Customer Experience, Marketing Communications, Leadership Coaching, Organizational Development, Personal Development, Creative Expression, and Social Media.

In her professional and philanthropic pursuits, she has touched lives on more than four continents and continues to pursue opportunities to educate, entertain, inspire and co-create with audiences. She's also a first-time book author writing a spiritual comedic memoir..

  • Education
    • Babson College
I am in gratitude to you, Chanelle for the impact you and your management insight, knowledge and experience have made in my life and for SoC... you and your teachings a model for others and to be able to attract more and greater miracles in their lives is truly a gift! If anyone has a chance to experience Chanelle Carver’s work and miss it, then they have missed a golden opportunity that comes along once in a lifetime.
Eveline Smith, Seedlings of Change, Inc.
C​hanelle is great in helping her client stop always pointing the finger at someone else, but rather helps the client look inward to inspire change and self-growth. She is persistent but patient, compassionate but direct, works endlessly to help her clients reach their goals, and is skilled in offering you the tools you need to effectuate the change you want! I highly recommend Chanelle as she brings her clients to a higher level!
Eric J. Knapp, Esq.