Chanelle Carver

Transformation Expert, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur in New York

I love helping people build businesses, turn hobbies into income streams and take bold actions that improve their life, health and overall well-being. I add value to individual lives and organizations via consulting and strategic advisory services for small businesses, personal coaching, food and fitness programs, or some combination of my intuitive and creative gifts.

There are many ways that I, a matriculated Business undergrad, science-loving, inquisitive, creative, Enneagram Type 7, Human Design Projector, Aquarius Moon, 11 Life Path, feel inclined to express my life purpose and contribution to humanity. At the intersection of business, wellness, creative expression and social impact, I find my sweet spot. As a consultant to organizations and coach to women, I help my clients experience more flow, joy and abundance in whatever they do and onto their next level of greatness.

Over the years, I've worked with over two dozen entrepreneurs and organizations helping them build capacity to serve through improved systems and training, engaging programs, effective leadership, brand awareness and efforts to enhance the customer experience. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Babson College and a broad spectrum of knowledge and insight gleaned from a demonstrated history in retail, nonprofit management and the professional training & coaching industry.

Core expertise: Women Empowerment, Organization Development, Entrepreneurship, Learning & Exploration, Marketing Communications, Leadership Coaching, Health & Wellness.

  • Education
    • Babson College