Chanelle Carver

Social Entrepreneur, Life Coach, and Consultant in New York

Known for being creative, curious and unconventional, Chanelle Carver has always been fascinated by Life and committed to helping others. This thirst for knowledge and social impact led her to explore different industries and a career path that provided opportunities to develop a broad skill set and experience in many aspects of starting, running and growing a business. By leveraging business expertise and entrepreneurial thinking, Chanelle works with you to co-create solutions that improve individual and organizational performance, manage change, increase visibility, and provide new ways to engage and delight customers.

She has worked with entrepreneurs, service providers, a lawyer, activists and artists of all ages to organizations such as the United Way, Taproot Foundation, Adams Fairacre Farms, Seedlings of Change, Inc., and more. Her ideas, solutions and implementation support has touched lives on more than four continents, saved hundreds of hours of business owners' and other billable time, developed leaders, reduced waste and generated over $300,000 in sales revenue, gifts and donations for charitable causes.

The Recession of 2008-2010 and family tragedy left Chanelle emotionally depleted, lost and frustrated. Unbeknownst to Chanelle, she was due for a spiritual awakening. Everything changed. She took on retail marketing jobs and continued freelancing to survive. It was a period of intense personal development that paved the way for shedding layers of the past and embodying truths that led to embracing her Power.

Following a foot injury that gave Chanelle ample time to confront what was missing from her career, Chanelle decided to pivot and focus her next business venture on her lifelong passion: Women Empowerment. She is the Founder of Real You Liberation, a personal and professional development company for the awakening woman. As an Intuitive Life and Empowerment Coach she guides women to new levels of awareness and ability of their true Power, and supports them throughout their journey of transformation and self mastery.

Individuals and organizations alike hire Chanelle because of her ideas, the way they feel (less stress and confusion!) and the results they get when they're in her care. Throughout her career she has shown that resilience and commitment are key ingredients to making change that lasts.

  • Education
    • Babson College