Dianne Owad-Jones

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Life Coach in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I can Empower you to Create Change and Overcome your limits

I provide a Safe, Trusting and Compassionate environment to Change Your Mind and:

- Stop Smoking

- Overcome phobias, IBS, chronic pain

- Calm anxiety and depression

- Lose weight

- Public Speaking

- Achieve goals

- Increase confidence

- And more….

‘I have been terrified at the prospect of dental treatment for many years, following an experience with a brute of a dentist. I decided I had to try to do something. I knew visualisation could be helpful with phobias but my fear felt like a daunting prospect for any method. Dianne investigated my negative feelings thoroughly and then took me through a process for 'removing' myself from the cause of my fear. One of the unexpected (to me) results of this was that I suddenly decided I no longer wanted to be that frightened person. While I didn't exactly enjoy two subsequent visits to the dentist, I was certainly 'in a better place' while visualising myself away from the chair. Armed with a plan, I feel much more confident now to prepare for and deal with what used to be an ordeal’.

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