Charles Baker

Philadelphia, Pa Usa

Hello everyone, I'm here to let you knows that I am Charles Baker, I am an IT student and I'm passionate about programming.

I'm an avid programmer/worker and I know C#/C++/C/Python/PHP and Javascript, and I'm planning to learn even more languages along with further dwelving into those I already know!

As a programmer I enjoyed playing games however as I found out, most games nowadays literally force to users to pay real life money in order to be "on par" with other players who have enough money to pay for everything in the game, and I found that incredibly unfair, as such me and my other 3 crew members have decided to start a website, ToppAppHacks where we will try to create cheats for all of those unfair games to make sure every player is on an even ground.

We are not trying to commit anything illegal, we are simply trying to provide our viewers a common ground with all other players until companies realize that discrimination is not a good answer to make money.

We have been working hard every week for the past few months developing these application, hopefully we will keep on working for many more, I hope to one day have an impact on modern day's society.

We also engage every day with our visitors in an attempt to make them trust us and know why we are actually making these cheats, getting the message across is our most important part of doing all of this.

That's pretty much all there is to know about me, I hope you've enjoyed reading a little bit about my life and ambitions and hope you have a nice day!

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