Charles E. Higgins Sr.

Northwestern Mississippi

I am a technician and troubleshooter with a wide range of experience. I have worked on two-way radios, computers, installed and managed networks, have also serviced dishwashers, clothes washers, clothes dryers, microwave ovens and ranges.

My work with two-way radios included fixing a production problem with the UHF Power Amplifier of the Motorola UHF Maxar radio. The ones from Schamburg worked but the ones from our Mt. Pleasant Iowa's production line failed. I discovered the reason and saved the company from taking them back to headquarters to diagnose.

In my computer support job at ASI Computer Systems in Cedar Falls, Iowa I earned the top customer satisfaction bonus the last two years I was there. This was due to me have compassion on the our clients and not blaming them for their computer problems. My focus was in restoring their self confidence and fixing their problem rather than just fixing the technical issue. We must always remember we work with people not just their machines.

On obsolete machines like TRS-80's I once diagnosed the main board in 10 minutes and replaced the Z-80 which had 4 bits of the data buss stuck high. So I can troubleshoot down the component level if needed.

What I Believe: I believe Jesus died to save me from my sins. I believe that includes using the Holy Spirit that Christ gave me to resist temptation as I did for the 4 years between my last abuse of my victim to my arrest. I will never again victimize another child as I did before. This is not because of any greatness of my own but by God working in me. Give him the Glory.

I am a sex offender but not a predator. So said the Multi Discipatrary Commitee of the Dept. of Corrections of the State of Iowa. Predators are civilly committed by Iowa in the Civil Commitment Unit for Sex Offenders. My probability of re-offending is less than 1% according to stats from the US DOJ and the Iowa Dept. of Correction.

While my victim was well below the age of consent in the state where I offended, it should be noted that I was evaluated by psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors and found not to be a pedophile. (Pedophilia is a diagnosis the common use of that term is improper because only 5% of the fathers convicted of incest are evaluated to be pedophiles.)


  • Work
    • Technical work with electronics and mechanicals
  • Education
    • Some College. Equivalent to a Associate Degree.(taught in one)