Charles Reed Cagle

Currently based in Colorado Springs, Charles Reed Cagle has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the oil and gas exploration firm HEI Resources for 15 years. A native of Clarksville, Texas, Reed Cagle took his initial position with Dallas-based Kinlaw Oil Corporation in 1986. Advancing to the firm's management levels, he cofounded an independent Dallas oil enterprise in 1996. The next year, he launched Heartland Energy, Inc., which is currently HEI Resources.

Mr. Cagle's firm focuses on sponsoring joint ventures to engage in exploration, production, and development of oil, gas and mineral exploration. At present, HEI Resources has experience in more than 90 sponsored projects and has developed over 100 oil and gas wells throughout Mississippi, Texas, and Alabama. Maintaining a staff of approximately 50, the firm has recently expanded its scope of operations to include precious and base metals mining.

Since 2007, Reed Cagle has also ventured into the drilling services industry. Currently, Reed Cagle is partnered with other individuals in Mid Continent Drilling, LLC, a Colorado-based business that owns and operates a Mesa Model 1500 Mechanical Drilling Rig. The 2,000-horsepower equipment is capable of drilling to depths of 20,000 feet, and is currently drilling wells in Colorado's Wattenburg Field under a long-term drilling contract with a large, publicly traded exploration company.

In 2009, Reed Cagle founded Outreachers, a nonprofit organization committed to providing education and life-improvement services to needy children in Colorado and Guatemala. He maintains close involvement with his church and has acted as Trustee in a merger operation with a nationally recognized religious group. In his free time, Mr. Cagle assists in organizing church men's activities on an ongoing basis.